Private airport

The price depends on the number of people, it can be paid in cash or through PayPal (+6% surcharge).


1 to 4 people: One way $100 USD / Round trip $190 USD

5 to 7 people: One way $160 USD / Round trip $300 USD

8 to 11 people: One way $210 USD / Round trip $400 USD

12 to 16 people: One way $250 USD / Round trip $500 USD

Private driver

We suggest you hire our driver services for convenience & security.


Private bilingual driver service. Vehicle that fits 14 people comfortably. 

Price arrangement depending on your itinerary, and the service can be provided for 6, 8 12, o 24 hours.


Notes: Only cash payment method.

from $10 USD per bike for 24 hrs.

bike rental
Motorcycle rental

from $50 USD for 24 hrs.

ATVs rental

from $90 USD per ATV for 24 hrs.


Decoration & Special Requests


Basic happy birthday from $50 USD  

Happy birthday with hearts or

stars balloons from $130 USD

Big Happy birthday arch from $250 USD

Other Decorations


4 mariachi band- $190 USD per hour 

5 mariachi band- $210 USD per hour 

(The 5 guys mariachi band has 2 violin) 


15 min - $90 USD

60 min - $150 USD

charcuterie board

Charcuterie board $90 USD

*Alcohol can be added with extra cost.


in site

60 min: $60 USD

90 min: $90 USD

Multiple masseuses can be requested

upon availability.


1 pax: $40 USD 

2 pax: $35 USD

3 to 5 pax: $30 USD

6 to 10 pax: $25 USD

11+ pax: $20 USD

*Prices per person/60min 


1 pax: $40 USD 

2 pax: $25 USD

3 to 5 pax: $20 USD

6 to 10 pax: $15 USD

11+ pax: $10 USD

*Prices per person/30min 



Taboo restaurant: Sea food, Mediterranean and Vegetarian 

Rosa negra: Latin food 

Tora: Japanese food 

Parole: Italian and Steak cuisine 

Funky geisha: Mediterranean cuisine 

Bak by Harry's steakhouse: Steak and Seafood 

Mezzanine: Asian and Thai cuisine 

Greek Ilios: Greek food 

Reyes: Mexican food 

Saikuk: Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine 

Alux: Mexican, Seafood and International cuisine

beach clubs

Taboo: Mediterranean cuisine and Hookah 

Mia: Caribbean cuisine 

Mezzanine: Asian and Thai cuisine 

Kai: Mexican and Seafood fusion 

Papaya playa project: Mexican cuisine 

La zebra: Mexican and Caribbean cuisine 

El pez: Sea food, Vegan and Vegetarian 

Mi amor: International and National cuisine



Atv’s and cenotes: Single $1,440 MXN 

                                Double $2000 MXN

Cenotes only: $600 MXN

* Price in USD varies according to that day’s exchange rate

Selva maya

Adult: $80 USD per person 

Child: $60 USD (5 to 12 years)


Outdoor adventure overload

Adult or Child: $129 USD

Gastro tours

Travelers table: Adult $139 USD 

The taco tour: Adult $109 USD / Child $99 USD


Tulum Yalku plus – Adult $149 USD / Child $119 USD 
Tulum & cavern adventure – Adult $139 USD / Child $109 USD*
Tulum half day – Adult $79 USD / Child $69 USD 

Chichen express – Adult $149 USD / Child $139 USD 

Coba express - Adult $89 USD / Child $79 USD 

Coba & reef adventure - Adult $139 USD / Child $109 USD 
Coba & turtles adventures – Adult $149 USD / Child $139 USD 

Ek balam express – Adult $139 USD / Child $129 USD 
Tulum and luxury catamaran - Adult $159 USD / Child $139 USD

wildlife & Nature tours

Cenotes and paradise lagoon

Adult $89 USD / Child $79 USD 

Whale shark experience

Adult $225 USD / Child $225 USD

Sailing tours

Day pass to paradise – Adult $89 USD / Child $79 USD 

Luxury sailing & snorkeling – Adult $119 USD / Child $109 USD

Luxury sunset sailing – Adult $89 USD / Child $79 USD 

Luxury sailing Isla Mujeres – Adult $119 USD / Child $109 USD 

Premium yacht experience – Adult $159 USD  

Tulum cenote, turtle & beach club – Adult $139 USD / Child $129 USD


Cancun sunset sailing – Adult $89 USD / Child $79 USD

Cozumel sea safari – Adult $109 USD / Child $99 USD
(+$20 USD for ferry and transportation) 

Cozumel luxury sailing & snorkeling – Adult $119 USD / Child $109 USD (+$20 USD for ferry and transportation) 

*Water tours charge $5 USD per person for the round-trip transportation

yacht & catamaran


* 3 hours Riviera Maya catamaran from $850 USD (it doesn’t include       snorkel).

* 4 hours Catamaran Paamul from $1,100 USD.

* 4 hours Luxury Catamaran Snorkeling In-Ha from $1,100 USD.

* 4 hours yacht Snorkeling In-Ha from $2,800 USD.

* 5 hours Luxury Catamaran Snorkel In-Ha & La Bocana from $1,350        USD.

* 8 hours Catamaran El Cielo Cozumel from $2,100 USD.



* Corona Beer.

* Vodka Smirnoff.

* Ron Bacardi.

* Whiskey Black & White.

* Tequila Jose Cuervo.

* Coca-cola, Coca-cola light, Sprite, orange juice, pineapple juice,                cranberry juice, water, and sprinkling water.

* Snacks, guacamole, shrimp & fish ceviche, cheese hamburgers. 

* Towels, Fishing and Snorkeling equipment, aquatic camera.


* 5 hrs Luxury Catamaran Snorkeling In-Ha & La Bocana from $3,700 USD.

* 8 hrs Luxury Catamaran 8 hrs El Cielo Cozumel from $5,300 USD.

* 8 hrs Tulum Ruins from $6,150 USD.




* Tequila Don Julio Añejo & Don Julio Reposado.

* Vodka Grey Goose.

* Whiskey Johnnie Walker Black Labe.l

* Ron Havanna Club Selection.

* Corona Beer.

* 5 bottles of Champagne Moet & Chandon.

* Chef Included: Japanese, Italian, International or Mexican food.

* Towels, Fishing and Snorkeling equipment, aquatic camera.


CHEF: Kookay, Casa cielo, Yaxkin & Kobah

Cost Per Meal:

Breakfast: $15 USD per person (Served from 08:00-11:00 hrs).
Lunch: $20 USD per person (Served from 13:00-16:00 hrs).
Dinner: $20 USD per person (Served from 18:00-21:00 hrs).


Weekly Chef Service:

1 meal a day: $120 USD per person (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
2 meals a day: $160 USD per person (breakfast, lunch or dinner)
3 meals a day: $180 USD per person (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

*Cost includes: personal chef & helper, shopping for the food/ingredients, meal preparation, serving & cleaning. Food is presented Buffett or family style. If you wish a plated, tapas style or courses dinner the cost is + $3 USD per person.
*Gratuities are not included and are more than welcome.


Extra Services:

*Waiter - $80 USD for a 4 hour service (20 USD extra hour).
*Bartender - $100 USD for a 4 hour service (30 USD extra hour).
*Transport fee - $35 USD per meal or $55 USD per day on days with more than two meals.

*All food/ingredients expenses are additional and the cost will vary depending on menu selections and number of dishes. Usually varies between $6 to $15 USD per person.


Booking and Payments:

A $50 USD deposit per event is required to book any date, this deposit will be used as part of your food/ingredients expenses and is NOT REFUNDABLE IN CASE OF CANCELLATION, ANY DATE CHANGE IS SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.


Deposits for booking an event and/or covering groceries and transportation expenses are done by PayPal; please note that to every PayPal transfer a 6% PayPal commission is charged. The remaining balance can be paid with cash (USD or pesos), PayPal (+ 6% commission) or via wire transfer (+6% - 11% commission depending on credit card). For every payment with credit card 16% TAX will be added.

Price Starts At:
Breakfast - $17 USD / per person per meal / 7am, 9am or 11am.
Lunch: $24 USD / per person per meal / 1pm or 3pm.

Dinner: $24 USD / per person per meal / 6pm, 8pm or 10pm.

Price Per Person Includes:
- Chef
- Ingredients
- Person who buys the groceries
- Delivery of the ingredients/groceries at the house
- Cleaning the kitchen after each service is given.
- Kindly note that the ingredients are not found in only one supermarket.
* The food can be presented buffet style or platters.
* The tip is not included but is more than welcome.


* Please note that the service has to be given to a minimum of 5 people.
* All payments are made in cash (USD or MXN) at the end of each service.
* Please confirm the menu 48 hours before your arrival.
* Kindly note, the chef might leave all the food ready if you are not at the property at the time of the service.

CHEF: Boox, Sak,
Amates, Talara & Nimi



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